Garden of Salvation: Poem

As I lay down with the evening roses,
Bitter memories make even thorns banal.
Some pricked me pretty deep,
Reckoned it to be petty tricks.
Wounds afresh, never healed,
Eons seems to be recalled.
Scarlett honey flowing flawlessly,
Is it the eternal ecstasy or misery?
I’m ready to bathe in my blood,
The nectar of my unfruitful deeds.

As I look around with hopeful eyes,
White lillies wave with the welcoming face,
Candor blended in their milky drapes
Sending even treacherous souls to a phase.
Lillies asked me whilst dangling in the breeze,
Is your heart pure or tainted?
Do you deserve to be sainted?

As I bit my bloody lips in shame,
English lavenders responded without any haze,
Ravishing blue blooms in lavish display.
“Spare your soul from the battle of dismay.
Truth lies at the bottom of your heart
Not even the wise men can fathom.
Neither fool nor stupid, you are,
For we all search for fool’s gold in dire,
Fall and reiterate, but don’t lose heart,
Find the right font for once and for all.”

As I was about to voice the truth,
Cherry blossoms chuckled, said, “Don’t heed”,
Light pink clouds sliding away to recede.
Truth is best unknown,
Only the worthy can be known.

As I brace myself for my demise,
With worries but no despise.
Last moments make you feel alive,
Lively enough to crave for life.
Ha! Yet again, it’s the circle of life.


Published by Malavika Raj

Hi. I'm a writer, blogger and an artist.

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