It isn’t a review of the Malayalam movie, “The Great Indian Kitchen”. It’s a reminder of the bizarre standards the Indian society has imposed on women. I watched this movie last week after many strong recommendations and also because of my mom’s ardent desire to witness what she might have done in reel life. IContinue reading “THE GREAT INDIAN KITCHEN”


I wish I were the bling of perfection,Not a broken spade, hiding in the shades,Waging war with incompetent cards. I wish I could send hope,To me and the deck of cards.But all I ever do is scribble in my heart. I wish I had the club of kings,To tell me I need me more.But IContinue reading “QUEEN OF CARDS: POEM”

Garden of Salvation: Poem

As I lay down with the evening roses,Bitter memories make even thorns banal.Some pricked me pretty deep,Reckoned it to be petty tricks.Wounds afresh, never healed,Eons seems to be recalled.Scarlett honey flowing flawlessly,Is it the eternal ecstasy or misery?I’m ready to bathe in my blood,The nectar of my unfruitful deeds. As I look around with hopefulContinue reading “Garden of Salvation: Poem”