Fight your Fight!

I’m writing this with a heavy heart. Well, I feel sad by the fact that women themselves are disheartening other women. Women should support and embrace one another and stop degrading fellow women. It’s the women who must encourage young girls to act brave and bold; tell the girls to echo their voices and to fight against the injustices done to them; to react and respond to unfavorable situations. Not just young girls, to all the young people. Instead, telling them to, “shush”, “don’t react”, “keep your voices down” are not at all overwhelming. Age isn’t a demarcation; just because the other person is elder to you, doesn’t mean that they are devoid of any mistakes. Be brave, be bold. Fight if you have to: Fight for justice. Well, you can’t let us down. We won’t let you let us down. We will raise our voices if we have to, as long as our conscience allow. Nothing can stop us.
-Malavika Raj

Published by Malavika Raj

Hi. I'm a writer, blogger and an artist.

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