The Art Of Being You!

Don’t you feel sometimes that you are not good enough or you want to be like another person? Don’t you look into the mirror at times and wonder what you really are? Don’t you hide your true self and showcase a fake personality, sometimes?

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‘You’ might sound simple. Of course, it’s just a three letter word.  But ‘Being you’ is a little complex in today’s scenario. Don’t you feel so? You look around and see a lot of ‘perfect’ people. Well, they are not so perfect as you assume. Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has their own flaws, for if we are devoid of any imperfections, then we might be Gods. Isn’t it?

Being you is very important and kind of hard. You are influenced by the way people criticize and judge you. You are sometimes forced to change your true self for the sake of others. Sometimes, your confidence level is guided by other’s opinion about you.

Your time is limited,so don't waste it living someone else's ife.1

Here are a few things to keep in  mind:

  • Always keep up your innate quality while improving yourself.
  • Be aware of your flaws and strengths.
  • Don’t change for the sake of others. If you truly feel that you need to modify your personality, do not hesitate. But be sure about it.
  • Never ever try to live up to other’s expectations. If you start living according to what others want, then you might eventually lose your precious self.
  • Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

People will always have an opinion about you. They just can’t help it. But if you keep bothering yourselves with these, then you may not be able to find peace of mind. So BE YOU ALWAYS.


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