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Writing Is My Own Panacea!

Writing helps me ease out all my tensions that invade my mind. Sometimes I get caught in the web of worries, pain, stress and so on. Well, it’s an eyesore for my well-being. Even when I have tamed my mind not  to wander into these unwanted thoughts, a small part of it sneaks into theses restricted regions. I’m just wasting my energy and time into those unfruitful perplexions. I assume everyone has these deliberations. it’s a part of our life. As life goes on, our inventory of life lessons expands. Every mistake in life is a contribution to that inventory. So you don’t have to worry too much about your mistake and be merry because you have earned something from your  learning.


I became my own photographer!

So I was just taking a stroll through my garden and was capturing the beauty of the nature with my mobile camera. Suddenly, I got a brain wave. What if I click my own photos. You got little confused, right? You see I’m staying with my grandparents and there is no one to take my photos. I miss my brother. He is a pro at capturing my candids. I thought, why don’t I take my photo? I ran into my home and took a chair out. Then I brought some thick books and stacked it, one on top of another.  I kept them on the chair.  I placed  my phone on the top of the stacked books and adjusted its position to get a good shot. I activated the timer. Well, 10 seconds. I needed time to run into my position and pose for the click. It was hectic but fun and exciting. To be frank, it was very difficult because I strike a pose based on an assumption that this might be good. Some of them were disasters. Yet, some turned out pretty amazing. I became my own photographer. True story!🙈
And this one is my click, Of course.😜


Discover Your Latent Talents!

There are some things that we miss in this so called journey- life. You are born with some talents. When you discover and give perfection to it, you can master it. But there are some latent talents within us; somethings that we never imagined that we could do. You really need to listen to your inner self to bring it out. This might or might not be true. This is purely my concept. Something of this sort happened to me. I realized I could write poems out of blue. I was so angry at my grandparents for not letting me go to a tour with my friends. They said, “this place is so far away. None of your parents are there with you. You are a girl. What if something happens to you?”. I can understand their concern and helplessness. But I was angry at the society, at the world, at those senseless men. I was crying. I couldn’t sleep that night, even though I tried. I thought about every girl like me trapped inside some shells for somebody else’s fault. I still remember. I was sitting on the floor and weeping. I could do nothing. I couldn’t control my rage and I just wanted to let the beast out . I got hold of a pen and notebook and scribbled the most amazing poem I have ever written. That was my only way of protesting. In the morning, I read it again and again and I couldn’t believe the fact that I’ve written this. I never knew I could.

Know your inner self. Bring out the latent talents within you!