Fight your Fight!

I’m writing this with a heavy heart. Well, I feel sad by the fact that women themselves are disheartening other women. Women should support and embrace one another and stop degrading fellow women. It’s the women who must encourage young girls to act brave and bold; tell the girls to echo their voices and to fight against the injustices done to them; to react and respond to unfavorable situations. Not just young girls, to all the young people. Instead, telling them to, “shush”, “don’t react”, “keep your voices down” are not at all overwhelming. Age isn’t a demarcation; just because the other person is elder to you, doesn’t mean that they are devoid of any mistakes. Be brave, be bold. Fight if you have to: Fight for justice. Well, you can’t let us down. We won’t let you let us down. We will raise our voices if we have to, as long as our conscience allow. Nothing can stop us.
-Malavika Raj

The Art Of Being You!

Don’t you feel sometimes that you are not good enough or you want to be like another person? Don’t you look into the mirror at times and wonder what you really are? Don’t you hide your true self and showcase a fake personality, sometimes?

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‘You’ might sound simple. Of course, it’s just a three letter word.  But ‘Being you’ is a little complex in today’s scenario. Don’t you feel so? You look around and see a lot of ‘perfect’ people. Well, they are not so perfect as you assume. Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has their own flaws, for if we are devoid of any imperfections, then we might be Gods. Isn’t it?

Being you is very important and kind of hard. You are influenced by the way people criticize and judge you. You are sometimes forced to change your true self for the sake of others. Sometimes, your confidence level is guided by other’s opinion about you.

Your time is limited,so don't waste it living someone else's ife.1

Here are a few things to keep in  mind:

  • Always keep up your innate quality while improving yourself.
  • Be aware of your flaws and strengths.
  • Don’t change for the sake of others. If you truly feel that you need to modify your personality, do not hesitate. But be sure about it.
  • Never ever try to live up to other’s expectations. If you start living according to what others want, then you might eventually lose your precious self.
  • Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

People will always have an opinion about you. They just can’t help it. But if you keep bothering yourselves with these, then you may not be able to find peace of mind. So BE YOU ALWAYS.


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How sharing helps yourself?

Sometimes I find it very hard to live in the present. I feel alone even though I am not really alone. I escape this feeling by living in a fantasy for some moments. It’s not real. But it helps me. It usually takes me two or three days to overcome the lonely feeling. When I do that, I become okay. Then I can be productive. But during the low key period, I cannot engage in any other activities. I kind of call it my dormant period. When I am on a tight schedule, I always think of a lot of good stuff to do in my life. I get desperate to carry out all of them. But when I’m relieved of my workloads, that urge fades away somehow. I love to paint while listening to my favourite music on the earphones. I write my thoughts in my head when I couldn’t scribble it down. I talk to myself when I don’t have people to talk to (not in an insane way though). It’s not that I don’t have someone to talk to. But sometimes, I just feel like not talking to anybody.  Everybody feels this way sometimes, isn’t it? If that’s the case, I’m not crazy then.

It’s always good to share your feelings with somebody.  If you don’t feel like sharing it with others, it’s always better to write it down. Keep a diary or a journal or whatever you may call it.

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”
― Erma Bombeck

How I Met Three Abandoned Puppies?

It was around 10 pm at night and I was getting ready to fall asleep. It was raining heavily outside with thunders shrieking frequently. Just when I was about to enter into my dizzy world of dreams, I heard something whining. I tried to listen closely. “It’s a puppy”, I sensed.” Hold on. More than one”, I whispered.  Are they in my courtyard or outside the gates? Are they feeling helpless? Are they hungry or cold? I can’t remember the exact moment when I dozed off.

Next day, the first thing I did in the morning was to search for the puppies.  I heard a squeaky sound underneath my car. There they were, three adorable little creatures, staring at me with frightened eyes. “I was right. Not just one”, I said to myself. They were weak and trembling from having stayed there throughout the rough weather.   It’s is embarrassing to reveal that I’m a dog lover who is scared of even puppies. So I never really had a chance to bond with the dogs. But I felt these cuties were playful and gentle. Of the three puppies, two of them looked alike while the third one had a different complexion. The former was of black and brown colour while the later was of a light brown shade.  It seemed to me that they were wearing a fur coat. I wanted them to come out so that I could click some snaps with them. But they wouldn’t.  So I discovered a way to induce them to emerge. I ran into the kitchen and stole some chapattis. I made it into small crumbs so that they could easily nibble it with their mini mouths.  Immediately one of the black and brown puppies came out and started chomping.  He was such a hungry dude. He even came near me and was an absolute poser when I took his photographs. The other one was too shy to eat the pieces in front of me and didn’t trust me well enough. So he came out, took one piece and went back under the car and munched it. Then he repeated this process again and again till his tummy was full. After a while, he too started playing with his brother.  I couldn’t help smiling at their childlike behaviours. They were literally acting like babies. The third one, I felt, was an introvert.  He hesitated to come out. I even tried bringing the crumbs near him so he could crumble. There was desolation all over his face. Whatever I tried, he never even sniffed the crumbs. He was missing someone, perhaps his mother.

Later that day, I heard grandma saying that they were siblings. In spite of that, they were very different from each other. One, an extrovert and the other was an introvert. Sadness hit me at the thought of their complete isolation. They are on their own from now on. They neither have a shelter nor a constant supply of food which we enjoy without realizing its worth. No one’s there to look after their needs or to take care of them. The harsh and cruel reality is waiting for them with open jaws while we are in our comfort zone. I really felt sorry for yelling at my parents when they didn’t get me the birthday gift as per my ‘wish-list’. These puppies might even die on the due course of survival. It’s their time for the ‘Survival of the Fittest’. I learned later that some people have emptied their responsibility. Just because they are animals doesn’t mean that you get to play with their lives.  Isn’t it tragic and depressing? They too deserve to be loved. Think about it. Will you people abandon your babies?

How can anyone abandon a beautifully loyal dog? It’s not an accessory. It’s your best friend. – Ricky Gervais.

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It was vacation time and I was literally having a great deal of free time. Books are the love of my life and I always kept mine in my grandpa’s library.  I have always wanted a bookshelf to keep my personal collection of books. I said to grandpa, “Let’s make a bookshelf; a trendy and simple one”. He stared at my face for some time and called me crazy. (well, can’t blame him though). Then I irritated the hell out of him and he finally agreed. But on one condition:  Low budget. Well, it turned out to be very minimal and simple. That’s how I got my own small bookshelf.

DIY is something that fascinates us. Doing It Yourself gives the extra satisfaction and a proud moment to look upon.

Items that you require:

  • Pieces of wood x 2 ( I used two pieces, You can make yours with 2 or more)
  • Paint – white & black ( you are free to choose any colour of your taste)
  • Rope – as per your requirement ( Plastic ropes are easy to paint). If you can get painted ropes, that would do just fine.
  • Nails/ Holders x 2

How to create the Book-Shelf?

We went to the backyard and found a long piece of wood ( It was perfectly cut into thin planks already). We cut it into two pieces of equal length according to the wall, where I intended to keep the bookshelf. Then polished the planks using sandpaper. You can do other ways to make the surface smooth. That would give it a good finish.  Then drilled the wood to make two small holes at either edge of the planks. The holes must be of equal size and must be equidistant from each other. A single piece of wood will contain 4 holes in total and painted the wood white. Then took some ropes and painted it black. ( I used plastic ropes as they are easy to paint). Insert the rope through the holes and tie a knot to hold the planks in desired positions. In a similar manner, connect the two wood pieces through the rope. Hammer long nails or holders onto the wall in order to hang the wood planks.  Make a loop or a twist at the end of the ropes on each side and hang it on the nails/holders.  Arrange some of your favourite books and get it started.

The advantage of this bookshelf is that you don’t have to fit book-clamps to keep the books from falling off the open end. The two lines of rope form a barrier and you can place the books leaning on it.  Tadaaa….Your self-made stylish bookshelf is all set.

P.S you can always modify things. Don’t hesitate to be innovative.

Here are some images to help you :

The completed book-shelf


Have you made a bookshelf? Tell me your ideas!!!


Depression: The Monster Among Us

“I am depressed”. “Are you in depression?” Depression! Depression! We have been hearing this word a lot more recently. It’s a mental state which is very difficult to explain. The person undergoes a series of mood swings, feeling very low about themselves and finally they cannot find a purpose in living this life.

Now this is like a silent wildfire. It has evolved to be the new cancer…… READ FULL ARTICLE. CLICK HERE.

Have you ever tackled depression in your life? Share your inspiring story. It will be of a great help to others.



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