CRYPTED (poem)

Sprinted into the vault,

To hide away from the fault.

Are you a coward?

My courage devoured.

I neither see me nor you,

For my self is in blue.

Why are you timid?

My heart still throbs,

My wounds not healed.

The pain so fresh.

The flames still burn.

My life turned upside down.

Inept to accept the reality,

I fight the truth.

Halt the war within me,

I plead with guilt.

Closed my eyes.

Escape into oblivion,

I ordered the convoluted mind.

‘’Be brave my precious.

Break away from the clutches.

Forbid the delusions.’’

Whispers reverberated.

‘’Come with me

And face your fears.

Your heart is audacious.

You soul is dauntless.

Perceive the unseen.

Utter the candor.

Confront your conscience.’’

I opened my eyes.

‘’No man can free thee but thyself’’

I unlocked the doors of bliss.

I shall be freed from the abyss.


Published by Malavika Raj

Hi. I'm a writer, blogger and an artist.

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