How I Met Three Abandoned Puppies?

It was around 10 pm at night and I was getting ready to fall asleep. It was raining heavily outside with thunders shrieking frequently. Just when I was about to enter into my dizzy world of dreams, I heard something whining. I tried to listen closely. “It’s a puppy”, I sensed.” Hold on. More than one”, I whispered.  Are they in my courtyard or outside the gates? Are they feeling helpless? Are they hungry or cold? I can’t remember the exact moment when I dozed off.

Next day, the first thing I did in the morning was to search for the puppies.  I heard a squeaky sound underneath my car. There they were, three adorable little creatures, staring at me with frightened eyes. “I was right. Not just one”, I said to myself. They were weak and trembling from having stayed there throughout the rough weather.   It’s is embarrassing to reveal that I’m a dog lover who is scared of even puppies. So I never really had a chance to bond with the dogs. But I felt these cuties were playful and gentle. Of the three puppies, two of them looked alike while the third one had a different complexion. The former was of black and brown colour while the later was of a light brown shade.  It seemed to me that they were wearing a fur coat. I wanted them to come out so that I could click some snaps with them. But they wouldn’t.  So I discovered a way to induce them to emerge. I ran into the kitchen and stole some chapattis. I made it into small crumbs so that they could easily nibble it with their mini mouths.  Immediately one of the black and brown puppies came out and started chomping.  He was such a hungry dude. He even came near me and was an absolute poser when I took his photographs. The other one was too shy to eat the pieces in front of me and didn’t trust me well enough. So he came out, took one piece and went back under the car and munched it. Then he repeated this process again and again till his tummy was full. After a while, he too started playing with his brother.  I couldn’t help smiling at their childlike behaviours. They were literally acting like babies. The third one, I felt, was an introvert.  He hesitated to come out. I even tried bringing the crumbs near him so he could crumble. There was desolation all over his face. Whatever I tried, he never even sniffed the crumbs. He was missing someone, perhaps his mother.

Later that day, I heard grandma saying that they were siblings. In spite of that, they were very different from each other. One, an extrovert and the other was an introvert. Sadness hit me at the thought of their complete isolation. They are on their own from now on. They neither have a shelter nor a constant supply of food which we enjoy without realizing its worth. No one’s there to look after their needs or to take care of them. The harsh and cruel reality is waiting for them with open jaws while we are in our comfort zone. I really felt sorry for yelling at my parents when they didn’t get me the birthday gift as per my ‘wish-list’. These puppies might even die on the due course of survival. It’s their time for the ‘Survival of the Fittest’. I learned later that some people have emptied their responsibility. Just because they are animals doesn’t mean that you get to play with their lives.  Isn’t it tragic and depressing? They too deserve to be loved. Think about it. Will you people abandon your babies?

How can anyone abandon a beautifully loyal dog? It’s not an accessory. It’s your best friend. – Ricky Gervais.


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