She has fallen for someone.

She shouldn’t have done that in a jot.

Why not?

How can she trust him in a blink?

He’s genuine, I think.

No one can be trusted easily in today’s world.

That’s true. But all are not in the netherworld.

Her parents will never agree.

Why is that so? Is there a decree?

They cannot comply with this.

That’s not fair. She will be happy.

The girl is risking everything else.

How could she do this to her guardians?

It’s not a mistake, I suppose.

What if the stars don’t match?

What will happen?

They will be doomed.

What if it matches? What happens thereafter?

Then it’s a happily ever after.

Are you sure?

That’s her parents’ belief

And they believe in their little girl.

Will she uphold it?

She will not abandon their happiness for hers.

Does she have a choice?

I’m unable to anticipate any hoists.

Isn’t it terrible? I whispered.

Sort of Yes, my notions perplexed.

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