What Will You Do If You Feel Terribly Sad?

What will you do if you wake up one day and feel terribly sad???

You are feeling sad for no apparent reason that you can think of. Now, you are too tired to even think. Are you sleepy? No, just tired. Then you head to your workplace/college. You see a lot of familiar and unfamiliar people on the way. You don’t want to smile at anyone. You don’t want to talk to anyone. You just want to shrivel inside some shell. When some of your friends/colleagues come and chat with you, you try so hard to smile and mingle with them.  Even simple less fortunate stuffs can affect you easily. You can’t even listen to your friend’s little sorrows. Every tiny-weeny sad related stuffs can trigger you.

Now you feel that you can no longer bear all of it within you. You feel that everything is going to burst out of you. All you want to do now is to cry the hell out of you. You just want to let go of the pool of sadness inside you. You weep, cry, wail and try all the possibilities to curb it. Now this has given you some solace. Finally, you are at peace with yourself.

What about you?

Have you faced this situation or something of this sort?







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