I became my own photographer!

So I was just taking a stroll through my garden and was capturing the beauty of the nature with my mobile camera. Suddenly, I got a brain wave. What if I click my own photos. You got little confused, right? You see I’m staying with my grandparents and there is no one to take my photos. I miss my brother. He is a pro at capturing my candids. I thought, why don’t I take my photo? I ran into my home and took a chair out. Then I brought some thick books and stacked it, one on top of another.  I kept them on the chair.  I placed  my phone on the top of the stacked books and adjusted its position to get a good shot. I activated the timer. Well, 10 seconds. I needed time to run into my position and pose for the click. It was hectic but fun and exciting. To be frank, it was very difficult because I strike a pose based on an assumption that this might be good. Some of them were disasters. Yet, some turned out pretty amazing. I became my own photographer. True story!🙈
And this one is my click, Of course.😜


Published by Malavika Raj

Hi. I'm a writer, blogger and an artist.

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